VanVer is searching for professional dancers to join our research  period for the upcoming production DUET LINGO

We like to invite you to the open rehearsals to dance and explore. What does it mean to learn a new language with only body language?

Who?  Professional dancers. Age and sex don’t matter

What? Help us with getting a new perspective on the topic DUET LINGO

Where? Mechelen – Radar : Hanswijkstraat 30 2800 Mechelen

Possible rehearsals date:

Monday 7/02, Tuesday 8/02, Monday 21/02, Tuesday 22/02

7th and 8th from 12 till 19, 21th and 22th from 12 till 18.

Fee: The open rehearsals are completely free!
We don’t have the budget to pay you for your time or travels, so please take that in-account.

If you have time to join us (even if it’s one day), please fill in the google form.

More info at our website:


Duo: lingo is a research linking body language to a spoken language and how we can learn a language from that body language. You only understand by moving your body from learning vocabulary to forming sentences to having a whole conversation in a language.