Cynthia Verpoorten

Who are you?

My name is Cynthia, and I recently graduated from ArtEZ as a professional dancer. After some years in The Netherlands, I decided to move back to my hometown in Belgium, Mechelen.

What attracts you to dance?

The flexibility of dancers and how a human body can go in so many different directions, find a way, curve, into the space.


What does intrigue you at the moment?

Right now, I’m searching/ connecting with my body and mind more and more. I still can learn so much about myself, and that’s why I feel that I’m still not done with learning as a person.

What is your oldest memory of dance?

I was on holiday. Maybe I was five years old. My parents and I were waiting in front of a hotel door. I was singing and dancing to my favorite song at that time. I was welcoming the guests that were entering the hotel. So the dream of being on stage was already there.

What brings you to VanVer?

I would say that VanVer is already a first, significant, and fantastic step into the entrepreneur world with a touch of creativity. I always dreamed as a kid about having my own small company. Honestly, that’s already a big dream that’s coming true.

What do you bring to VanVer?

I bring a new pair of eyes into the concepts and ideas. As a dancer and within my interests/ background, I sometimes look from a different perspective than Jarne, and that’s how we can research specific topics from another point of view.

What do you want to achieve with VanVer?

I hope that we can tour as a collective with our choreographies. And that I can shift between being a dancer, co-choreographer, or even a choreographer at some point. In all the perspectives, I like to connect with the audience so that the audience gets intrigued by our performances.

What other passions do you have?

I’m very interested in Yoga; I did a yoga teacher course, and there I started to understand more the Yoga philosophy. 
The story behind nature also interests me, so I started to learn Aromatherapy. I would say that the philosophy of Yoga and the benefits of essentials oils helps me to get more in touch with myself and to charge myself up again mentally.

Who/what do you admire, inside and/ or outside dance?

I admire the power of creativity. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but creativity is essential if I want to put myself with an open mind on a rollercoaster. With the rollercoaster, I refer to life.

What is your role in VanVer?

At this point, I’m the dancer and the co-choreographer. I try out the (in)possible for Jarne Van Perck within his choreographies, and I support his ideas by researching together.

What does an artistic co-choreographer mean to you?

I will come with questions and put myself in charge of the movement material. Of course, always in dialogue with the choreographer.